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Developed by Dr Steven R. Vazquez,  Emotional Transformation Therapy is an extraordinary method that harnesses the power of light and color for healing.  Research from neural optometry, quantum physics, epigenetics, neurobiology and many other fields have been linked together into a synthesis that brings consistent, rapid outcomes.  
 ETT involves an empathetic interpersonal relationship between the client and the therapist.  Each of us develops a characteristic way of relating to others that was influenced by our original attachments.  These characteristic ways of relating are called "attachment patterns" about which there is massive scientific research.  Operating within the framework of attachment patterns, an ETT therapist uses light and color to facilitate brain stimulation and neuronal activation that results in rapid shifting.  A well-guided ETT session will bring emotions, memories, or thoughts responsible for distress to dramatic relief, often in a single session.
Often the results are so dramatic and rapid that the client experiences what is called "cognitive disonance.   I hear comments like, "It can't be that easy?" or "How can looking at light or colors possibly transform this issue so easily when I've struggled with it for years?!"
The attunement or resonance that occurs during ETT therapy can be compared to the attunement that occurs during the "mutual gaze" connection between a loving mother and her infant.  The infant's frontal cortex resonates with the mother's frontal cortex promoting healthy brain development.  The resonance that occurs during ETT converts light into biochemical signals that bring about postive changes in the brain, resulting in relief from emotional pain.
We now understand that good therapy has always brought about positive changes in the brain.  With ETT we are most fortunate to now be able to systematically and consistently bring about positive changes in brain function.
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"Prior to my experience with ETT, I had been suffering with a complex array of debilitating emotional issues for several years.  My first experience with ETT yielded immediate relief for my daily level of emotional stress, and over several sessions I was able to re-align my emotional perceptions and responses to my issues.  Finally, I was able to return to a normal state where I could experience a sense of centered well being and confident emotional control."  BF, 43-year-old male
"I like to call ETT "chiropractic treatment for the brain." It gets my brain and my thinking back in alignment! Old panic/anxiety triggers are simply no longer there and any new triggers are challenged immediately. On top of all that, Lynn Rutherford is a tremendous counselor and teammate, really, in this process. I am so grateful to her and to ETT. R.F.